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[RECORDING AVAILABLE] Raising the Bar on Regulatory Compliance Programs: Q2 2023 Event 

05-18-2023 03:19 PM

Please enjoy the recording of the SOX Pro Group's May 15, 2023 webinar "Raising the Bar on Regulatory Compliance Programs". 

Webinar Description
The U.S. Justice Department has unveiled new policies in recent months meant to encourage more disclosure of corporate misconduct, in exchange for more leniency as regulators resolve those cases. In this webinar we’ll recap precisely what the Justice Department wants to see, and what that means at a practical level for corporate compliance programs, internal accounting controls, and the people who run both. 

Throughout this webinar led by Matt Kelly (Editor and CEO of Radical Compliance), you'll learn the following:

  • Discuss the department’s new policies for enforcing against corporate misconduct;

  • Review the capabilities in internal accounting controls, internal reporting, and other compliance program elements you’ll need;

  • Consider the obstacles compliance and internal control leaders might encounter, from inadequate IT to reluctance and confusion in the C-suite.