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[READ THIS] How to Navigate the SOX Pro Group Community Page

  • 1.  [READ THIS] How to Navigate the SOX Pro Group Community Page

    Posted 08-24-2022 04:27 PM
    Hi Members! @Sydney Shein @Grant Ostler and I are excited to officially welcome you to the SOX Professionals Group Community!

    I would like to quickly show you how to navigate ​this space since it looks a tad different from the SOX Pro Group website. I will work my way from the top to bottom of the main landing page.

    First off, make sure that you are member of the ESG Pro Group by clicking on the "Join Community" button.  If you are already a member, you won't see that button. By joining the SOX Pro Group Community, you'll be subscribed to all discussion, blog, and event updates.

    If you scroll down, you'll see a small menu bar with the following: Community Home, Threads, Library, Blogs, Events, and Members.

    • Community Home: This will get you back to the main landing page of the SOX Pro Group
    • Threads: AKA the forums. Ask questions, share advise, or provide insights. When you click into threads, you will be able to create a post by selecting, "Start New Thread".
    • Library: The library will serve as the SOX Pro Group's media repository. Meeting and webinar files (PPT and recordings) will be uploaded and stored here. 
    • Blogs: Blogs will be added in this section and will be tagged by topic to take advantage of the community's expanded search functionality. 
    • Events: When we get meetings on the calendar, members will be able to view meeting details, add a calendar invite, and register for the meeting. Remember when I said to make sure to join the SOX Pro Group? By joining the pro group, you'll make sure to not miss out on future events!
    • Members: This tab will provide a directory of all SOX Pro members. Only members have access to this section. 

    Let's move down, you'll now see the main SOX Pro Group landing page. Here you'll have a high level view of: Featured Posts, Trending Threads, About the SOX Pro Group, Executive Advisor Information, Upcoming Events, and Blogs. Once again, this will provide a snapshot view on the latest activity.

    If you are unable to find something or think something is missing, give the search bar on the top right-hand side a try! Type in the phrase you and it can be a topic, question, or even a person. I am super excited to bring a full functioning search to the Pro Groups Program!

    Hope this post was quick and helpful for getting you acclimated to the SOX Pro Group. We look forward to seeing all of the discussions that happen here. As for a next step, we would appreciate it if you could take a moment to introduce yourself or start a new discussion!

    If you have questions you can reply directly to this thread or private message @Lauren Uyeno @Sydney Shein, or @Grant Ostler.

    Lauren Uyeno
    Director of Professional Groups
    Professional Groups National Team