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MyLogIQ Non-GAAP Financial Measures Studies

By Professionals Group posted 08-10-2023 02:36 PM


We partnered with MyLogIQ to share thought leadership on non-GAAP reporting compliance.

Below is a summary of their two recent non-GAAP comment letter reports.

MyLogIQ’s first report examines comment letters on 18 non-GAAP issues released January 2022-May 2023.

MyLogIQ’s second report drills down into Question 100.04 individually tailored accounting measures.

MyLogIQ’s key findings from the two reports were that:

  • Three of the five issues updated in the 2022 guidance made up nearly two-thirds of all non-GAAP comment letters. The top three were:

    • Prominence of non-GAAP measures.

    • Recurring expenses.

    • Question 100.04 individually tailored accounting measures rounded out the top three.

  • The top three sectors receiving Question 100.04 letters were:

    • Technology & Communications

    • Financials

    • Services.

  • Question 100.04 comment letters revealed that revenue was the top item cited in questions about individually tailored accounting measures.

Download the reports: