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  • 1.  Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 08-24-2022 04:20 PM
    Hello SOX Professionals Group! We are extremely excited to have you join our upgraded online community!

    Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned member, I thought it would be nice to have a quick icebreaker.

    Let's introduce ourselves, please answer the following questions:

    1. Name, title, company
    2. How long you have been in SOX, Internal Controls, and/or Audit?
    3. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten at work?
    4. What is your favorite item you've bought this year?

    For extra credit, if you have an adorable pet or child. Upload a pic and a description!

    I'll kick things off:
    1. Lauren Uyeno, Director of SOX Pro Group
    2. I am a green horn! I have a background in community management and data analytics. I'm trying my best to absorb as much as I can. I'm super lucky to have on hand a SOX practitioner team that consists of @Grant Ostler and the Executive Advisors!
    3. K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid 
    4. The Happy Hoodie for pets - It looks ridiculous, but it has multipurpose use. It acts as a noise damper and calms my over anxious dog due to the compression.   

    Extra credit! Here is my dog in the mentioned happy hoodie.

    Lauren Uyeno
    Director of Professional Groups
    Professional Groups National Team

  • 2.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 06-13-2023 10:20 AM
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    HI Lauren! Nice to meet you and your cute pup. It looks like you did your intro a while ago, so hopefully you don't feel like such a greenhorn now! I thought I would add the conversation, and hope others do as well. 

    1. My name is Amanda Nino, and I work for Coastal Community Bank based out of Everett Washington. We are a mixture of a community bank and BaaS bank, offering banking solutions to our technology partners. Its an awesome organization and exciting to be part of something that is changing the face of banking as we know it 
    2. I started my banking career immediately out of high school, 30 years ago, but transitioned over to the world of Audit and Internal Controls in 2004. I have held a variety of roles in the Audit field, and have spent the last 5 years as an Internal Control Manager.  
    3. The beset advice I have ever received was from a coworker as he was retiring. He told me "don't retire from something, retire to something". This one statement made me do some soul searching, about who I am outside of work. My husband and I started finding hobbies together and individually, started to travel and see the world, and let our world widen. While I am still a long way from retiring, I know that when the time comes, I will be retiring to a wonderful life filled with adventures and exploration! 
    4. My favorite purchase this year was a hammock! We live on a lake and some days I just go out there and lay in the hammock, let the sunshine on my face, listen to the birds and sounds of the water. It helps me find the calm moments in all the craziness of life. 

    I am always looking for bonus points, so I am sharing my sweet grandson!! He is four months old and the sweetest baby! 

    Amanda Nino
    VP/Internal Control Manager
    Coastal Community Bank

  • 3.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 06-13-2023 10:32 AM

    Whoop whoop! Welcome @Amanda Nino , it's never too late to party! 🥳🥳🥳

    I love your advice about retirement as it's also been on my mind (long way to go too!).  And I love a hammock! Last weekend was gorgeous in SoCal and it was so nice to relax outside. 

    Your grandson is the cutest! He looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself.

    Lauren Uyeno
    Director of Professional Groups
    Professional Groups National Team

  • 4.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 09-23-2023 11:38 AM

    Hello ladies! ;)

    My name is Tatiane Souza, I'm an internal controls SOX Manager at Shift4 that I joined 2 months ago, and I'm already very accomplished about this. 

    I started working in Accounting right after high school like Amanda, and after 4 years working for my family accounting office in Rio de Janeiro, and College graduation, I joined KPMG in Brazil in 2005 where I was able to grow as a professional and person as external auditor at this wonderful Company for 9 years. I quit my job in 2014 and moved to the United States to follow my husband's ex-pat assignment. Here in the US, I was able to work as SOX Team Lead and SEC Senior Accountant for 2 years in each position before joining Shift4. In the meantime, I learned English, got my MBA, and had 2 babies! It's been a fun and interesting journey so far! ;)

    The best piece of advice that I have gotten at work is "If you have not documented, you didn't do anything".

    My favorite purchase, not only this year but every single one, is when we can get flight tickets to spend some time with family in Brazil! Best acquisition ever! :D

    Tatiane Souza
    Internal Controls SOX Manager
    Shift4 Payments

  • 5.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 09-25-2023 11:53 AM

    @Tatiane Souza welcome to the community!

    Grant Ostler
    Industry Principal